I can not say enough positive things about Janis Allen and the services she provides. Janis is both realistic and supportive, and simplifies the college application process immensely. Through her enthusiasm and commitment, it is clear that counseling is much more than a job for Janis. Her efforts to make herself available whenever I needed her guidance did not go unnoticed and made all of the difference for me and my busy schedule when it came to applying to colleges. From her organized timelines to detailed essay editing, Janis is on top of her game and knows what it takes to get students through this stressful time. She has done everything in her power to ensure that I have the best shot at achieving admission to my schools of choice, using her knowledge as a college counselor as well as her personal connections. Anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Janis should take it –  you will not regret it!

check out this site B.K., Duke University, Class of 2022

Adjectives fail to describe the amount of appreciation I have for Mrs. Allen. Previously, I was working with another college counselor, but things were not really working out. I decided to have a meeting with Mrs. Allen. She made the college process fun and enjoyable instead of miserable. Mrs. Allen has the greatest patience and dedication to her students. She helped me go over my essays endlessly until I was proud of them. She never complained even after we went over my 32nd revision of my common application essay. Whenever I had a question, she was always free to help. Even when she was on her vacation, she video-chatted me when I had a question on filling out my common application. Working with Mrs. Allen was a treat and something I always looked forward to. I owe all my college success to her encouragement and positive energy. I have nothing but great memories from my experience with her!

order propecia australia D.W., Cal Berkeley Class of 2018

Mrs. Allen’s counseling approach is extremely organized and minimizes your time spent on applications, so you can focus on the completion of your high school courses.  I am attending Princeton due in large part to the coaching provided by Mrs. Allen, especially when it comes to sticking to deadlines. If you want a positive, successful and reasonably priced college counselor, Mrs. Allen is the person you need!  As a side note, she has visited over 100 college campuses and brings this tremendous knowledge to geographical and social aspects of your choice.

K.H., Princeton University, Class of 2019

It’s obvious Janis “loves” College counseling, you can tell it’s a true passion for her. She is constantly honing her skills; whether it be updating her essay writing capabilities, researching the application process, or making personal visits to college campuses, she stays on top of what’s happening. Janis really took time to help my son clarify what he was looking for in a college, she guided him to consider colleges she believed would be a good fit, and not just the standard schools everyone recommends. He followed her advice, and fell in love with Wesleyan. From a parent’s perspective, she stayed on top of his timeline and requirements, which took the pressure off our family interactions during a very stressful time in high school. When I asked my son if he thought Mrs. Allen did a good job, he said, “Oh yeah, better than most of the kids I hear from, she just gets it from a kid’s point of view.”

D.R., Parent, Son, Wesleyan Class of 2018; UCLA Ph.D. Chemistry, Class of 2023

Janis Allen not only helped my son get into first choice school but also made sure that he solid realistic back ups! She also took any potential tension out of the equation for us. I got to be the supportive cheerleader and she was the coach! Made for a perfect relationship!

B.C., Mother, Son, USC Class of 2018

I am so thankful for all of your hard work, patience, and guidance through my college application experience. Through the weekly meetings, daily emails, late night phone calls, and sporadic text messages, you have gone above and beyond to help me. When I first met with you, I had no idea where I would want to be in a year, and it was because of you that I found my perfect match. No one could have done a better job than you, and you far exceeded my college counselor at school. Not only were you there for me professionally, but you really took the time to get to know me and genuinely care about what was going on during this stressful process. Despite all of my worries, you took a huge weight off of my shoulders, and really put my worries at ease. There is absolutely no way I could have gone through this without you, and I truly appreciate everything.

G.C., Arizona State, Class of 2018

Janis Allen is amazing! My twins & I LOVED working with her as she passionately guided us through the college app process with her contagious enthusiasm and a meticulous attention to detail. What occasionally felt like a daunting process for us became “no problem, we got this!” as Janis truly loves working with teens & finding the right colleges for them to apply to. Janis gives great essay advice too and she is always conveniently, electronically “present” – just a quick email or text away! She is THE BEST!

S.G., Parent, Son, UT Austin Class of 2017 | Daughter, UCLA Class of 2017

Janis Allen gets the college application game. I highly recommend her to any student looking for an individual, personal approach to this somewhat daunting process. In fact, I’m already looking forward to working with her again when my younger daughter begins her college search!

Janis understands what colleges are looking for in today’s applicants. She was able to strengthen my daughter’s own personal background and inspired her to think about all the college choices available, given her individual needs, abilities and accomplishments.

Beyond expertise, Janis is young at heart and understands teens. Although she worked primarily with my daughter, I always felt included in the communication loop and found Janis completely accessible.

Thanks to Janis Allen, the entire college application process went seamlessly for our daughter and was a stress free experience.

T.L., Parent, Daughter, UC Davis Class of 2019 | Daughter, SDSU Class of 2021

Each year, high school seniors are expected to accomplish multiple impossibilities. For me, the most impossible of the tasks included the following:

1) Making a list of schools to apply to, even though I had not visited all of them. Each school gives a unique educative and social experience—one that will play an important role in shaping a student’s future. What does this amount to? A lot of pressure to choose the right school. Janis is my savior. She helped me create a list of perfect schools—all of which I would be happy to attend. After helping me narrow down what I wanted in a school (majors offered, school size, etc.), Janis then found an entire list of schools from which I could pick and choose. My eyes were finally relieved from scanning websites when Janis handed me one of her lists. It was a beautiful moment.

2) Conveying all that I am in only 650 words to a person I have never met. In short… writing the college essays. Janis does not write your essays for you—instead she helps you develop and write an essay that demonstrates your unique voice and experiences. In essence, she helps you write an essay that only you could have written. On another note, all high school seniors have been taught to write for “the English teacher audience.” However, Janis teaches you how to write for the college counselor—an entirely new audience that practically every senior lacks experience with. Writing your college essay is very different from writing an essay for school, and Janis helped me immensely with regards to this task. 3) Dates and Deadlines. Schools have different deadlines and require that you send them different things. It is confusing. It is horrible. Janis completely understands the college process and she tracks ALL of the different deadlines for each of your schools. Her doing this does not just help a little… it helps a lot.

Please do not think for a second that Janis only helped me with the three tasks listed above. She did so much more than that. When I applied to my top-choice university, she was there, reviewing my entire Common App (for the fourth time), rereading all my essays, checking, double-checking, and even spellchecking my resume. It was late at night, we were both extremely tired, and I expected her to—like any other college counselor—leave me to my own devices. However, she stayed with me until the bitter end—finally!—came. I recount this moment to prove a point. Janis genuinely cares. It is as simple as that. When someone genuinely cares about you succeeding, they will go out of their way to help you achieve your goals. And that is exactly what Janis does. Her help was absolutely priceless, as evidenced by the fact that next fall I will be attending UC Berkeley. Thank you, Janis, for all that you have done.

S.G., Student, UC Berkeley Class of 2018

MRS ALLEN!!! Thank you so, so much for all of your support throughout the college process. I can’t believe I am saying I get to go to UA for the next four years on a BFA in acting!! I could not have gotten anywhere near this dream without your support and guidance, and I thank you endlessly for helping me throughout this process. I can’t wait to see you soon! BEAR DOWN!!

A.A., Student, Orange County School of the Arts, 2018

Janis is super organized and always prepared. She prioritizes each of her students individually and works to find the best fit for every student. Janis was a pleasure to work with and helped me find my dream school. Although I dreaded the college application process, she made the entire process enjoyable. I owe her so much!

C.E., Student, USC Class of 2021

There simply aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for all of Janis Allen’s hard work and dedication. As a sophomore, I went into the college application process knowing close to nothing. Luckily, Janis was able to guide me through this stressful time with encouragement and enthusiasm. Giving me “To-Do Lists” with small assignments each week, Janis would always ensure that I wasn’t overly stressed and never had too much on my plate. Thanks to Janis’ hard work, the college application process was a breeze. Janis always made herself available to me whether that meant FaceTiming when she was out of town or texting me answering all my questions, even when I asked in the middle of the night. I honestly don’t think I would be going to my top choice school next fall if it weren’t for all of Janis’s commitment. Thank you, Janis Allen!

M.O., SMU Class of 2022

I truly believe that because of Janis Allen my son not only got into a great college, but he had choices. From start to finish, Janis was with us all the way. From being easy to contact and being super responsive, to actually sitting down with my son and reviewing his tailor made college essay, she was amazing. I have already begun the “Janis Allen college process” with my sophomore and freshman. She relates well to teenagers and is such a wonderful, fun, and knowledgeable person to go through what can be a stressful process. I would and have recommended Janis.

V.C., Mother, Son, ASU Class of 2019 | Son, University of Washington Class of 2020 | Daughter, SDSU Class of 2021